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Day of Wellness 2018
Still wanting to attend? Please call
360.625.8315 and our staff will assist you.

We should call it Health University the topics and presenters are that good!
We will spend the day learning together on Saturday, April 14th at  

Green River CommunityCollege
Enumclaw Extension Campus
1414 Griffin Avenue
Enumclaw, WA 98022

Doors open Saturday, April 14th for the participants at 8:45am
First session will be a group session for all registered guests.
Please arrive and get settled in by 9:00am.
Bring a notebook or laptop if you are a note taker.
We have limited time with each presenter and we want you to get the full
benefit of the information and knowledge they will have prepared to share
with everyone.

Call the stores and our staff will be happy to register you for your class selection
 and collect your payment information.
Jubilee Enumclaw 360.625.8315 or Sumner 253.447.7921

Presenters and Class Information
Welcome to the Day of Wellness!
Saturday, April 14, 2018
 First Session at 9:00am (Everyone will attend this session together)
Building Blocks of Protein, Hormones, Antioxidants and Neurotransmitters. Amino Acids: Nutrients with Many Benefits!
Neil E. Levin, CCN, DANLA is a Senior Nutrition Education Manager and a product formulator for the NOW company. He is a board certified clinical nutritionist with a diplomate in advanced nutritional laboratory assessment, and past president of the American Nutrition Association.
After the combined opening session, you will attend one of the two classes
offered for the rest of the 3 time periods of the day.  
10:30am to 11:30 2nd Session Presenters
You just can't be in two classes when they are offered at the same time.
Pick between the session with John Kenny or the Session with Jean Hoiland.  
This will be the format for the other classes being offered throughout this day.
So, even though there are 7 session offered for the whole day, each of you
will get to go to 4 sessions total for the day. Got it?
Prime the gut, Seed the gut, and Feed the gut for optimal health
-John Kenny, Genuine Health
I have been studying Nutrition for over 35 years. It was the first thing that made sense to me at relatively young age. My early thoughts around Nutrition was that if you eat a healthy diet you feel better, you think better, and you have better human interactions. That is still my belief to this day. I went to Bastyr University in the early 90’s to further my understanding of nutrition and left with a Bachelor’s and Master in Nutrition. My focus since early 2014 has been the importance of fermented foods to bring and maintain balance in our digestive systems. After all intentional edfermentation has been happening for over 9000 years and over 30% of traditional diets contain fermented foods so those that have preceded us understood its value.
Everyday Yoga for Everyone
Jean Hoiland ERYT, RCYT, RPYT
I believe in pain free movement and creating intelligently designed programs is my passion.  I believe less is more and that building a strong foundation the most important step in achieving higher levels of fitness and performance, whether in sports or just day to day life. In my classes and training sessions we work on improving breathing patterns and discovering imbalances. Dysfunctional patterns are corrected and homeostasis is restored.
11:45am to 12:25pm -
Gather in he Lobby area or Follow Your Nose to our
Healthy Food Session (GF, EF, WF,CF,DF, SF) Great Food!
Not sure what all those letters mean....well if you have lots of food allergies we've got you covered. Ingredients will be non gmo and organic also. Nutritious and Delicious!
12:30pm to 1:30pm 3rd Session Presenters Robin or Holly
Earth, Humans and Fungi: A Shared History
Presented by Robin Yeager, for Host Defense® Mushrooms™
 formulas from Fungi Perfecti, LLC
A presentation about Fungi (Mushrooms), its history with the planet, and importance to humans cross-culturally around the world. Seven important species will be cited and their value in support of our own immune health discussed*. Information presented is based on the work of Paul Stamets, D.Sc. recognized mycologist, author, speaker and environmentalist.

Therapeutic Foot Massage ( Reflexology Interactive Session)
Presented by Hollyanne Samuelsen, BCTMB
A brief introduction to the amazing overall body benefits that can be achieved through specific massage and slight pressure on specific regions of the feet.
Wear your good socks, you will be practicing what she shares either on
your own feet or maybe a buddies. Whatever is most comfortable for you.

1:45pm to 2:45pm  4th Session Presenters Susan or Dan

Essential Oils - Medicinal and Home use.
Presented by Susan Raby, Homemaker, Gardener,
Jubilee Naturals Team Member & Lover of Essential Oils.
You will leave this class with many practical ways to put
essential oils into use in your home.
Good Fat! Unknown facts about an amazing source of
healthy omegas. Naturally nourishing, soothing, lubricating
moisturizing and more.
Presented by Dan Morrison, Regional Health Supplement
Broker for over 25years. Presenting for Montana Emu Ranch

3:00 Dismiss to the Lobby for our Thank you and Gift Basket Giveaways!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For educational purposes only.