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 Online Health Assessment
The Nutri-Body® Questionnaire

This evaluation is designed to assess bodily signs which may relate to nutritional imbalances.
Its sole purpose is to educate and inform. It is not intended to diagnose diseases. The Online
Nutri-Body Analysis analyzes 65 nutrient categories using the Nutri-Body Questionnaire.
Colored graph prioritizing weakness
Measures biochemical individuality
Pinpoints and prioritizes nutritional weaknesses
Provides a list of "Items of Concern" prioritized
Provides a list of "Items to Watch" prioritized
Explanations of each weakness
Dietary guidelines
Supplement Recommendations
Results of the assessment will be interpreted according to the Nutri Body Analysis Program
and emailed back to you at the completion of your online assessment or you may prefer to meet with
Kim Ode, Holistic Health Practitioner to review your printed results in person at one of our stores.

- Click Here to take the Online Nutra Body Assessment
 and include an appointment to review it with Kim Ode, HHP
- Includes assessment, printed results and review appointment with Kim Ode, HHP

Click Here to take the Online Nutri-Body Assessment only.
Does not include an appointment with Kim Ode, HHP.
- Includes assessment and printed results either mailed or emailed back to you.
 This option does not include an appointment with Kim Ode, HHP
You may schedule and pay for an appointment later,  if you feel you would like more
discussion on how to interpret the printed results.

After you select, and pay for your assessment option your order will be sent to our secure retrieval site.
We then will send you the assessment. It will come into your inbox saying you have received an invitation
to take a Nutribody assessment. If you have an active spam filter you may want to keep an eye on your spam
folder as well, in case it ends up there.
Remember, Jubilee Naturals is closed Sunday and Monday. If you place an order on one of these days,
or after hours, you may not receive your assessment until our next open business day.
~ Thank you