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Jubilee Naturals 2019 Classes

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 Saturday. March 30th, 2019
Natural Protection from Blue Light Radiation
Modern high-tech living exposes our eyes to the damaging effects of of high-energy blue light radiation. HDTV, computers monitors, smart phones, electronic tablets -- these indispensable accessories to our work and recreation can take an insidious toll on our visual health.
These adverse effects are of particular concern relative to the eye health of children. Join us for a lively discussion of the ways we can protect ourselves with judicious organic food choices, supplements, and inexpensive filtering devices.  

9 am at our Sumner Location 253.447.7921
1:00pm at our Enumclaw Location 360.625.8315

Please sign up at the correct store for the session you are hoping to attend, this helps us know how many to prepare for.

 Saturday. April 13th, 2019
Meet - Joel Hansen
from Mt Capra Farms
no way, Yes, Whey!
I couldn't believe all the naturally occuring nutrients
in goat milk.... I know, you think goat milk tastes funny.
Mt Capra's is not that whey at all! So creamy I put it right into my tea or coffee. Infants, Adults, Athletes, there is something for everyone in this class. Goat milk has been used for centuries, it is easier on the land and a lot easier on the gut, for ease of digestion. Amino Acids, Immune benefits, Electrolytes, Probiotics and Minerals are just some of the natural health benefits of this very digestable super food! Let food be your medicine.
9 am at our Sumner Location 253.447.7921
1:00pm at our Enumclaw Location 360.625.8315
Please sign up at the correct store for the session you are hoping to attend, this helps us know how many to prepare for.
What you might find at Jubilee Naturals... Happy, friendly, helpful employees.
Well researched and hand picked items from hundreds of the industries finest manufacturers of health, grocery and wellness products. Kim is very selective on what makes it into our stores. You'll find everything from vitamins, herbal supplements, amino acids, proteins, and minerals to organic, specialty, NON GMO, and healthy gluten-free grocery, snacks and beverages. The purest of organic and natural health and beauty items and a whole lot more. This website is just a brief introduction of all we have to offer, please give us a call if you do not find specifically what you are looking for....we might know of something even better!   

Medical doctors diagnose, prescribe and treat disease. Natural healers help support body systems with herbs, vitamins, aminos and pure clean foods that all contain valuable nutrients your own body can use to heal, repair and restore itself. Any information or educational materials obtained at Jubiliee Naturals are not to be taken as medical advice.
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